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original Dispute

(There were active certificates found by Support and at least partly revoked by C, before dispute was handed over to Arbitration)


The account matches the prerequisites of the precedents ruling in a20140713.1.


The account of the claimant should be closed with the process defined in precedents case a20140713.1[2] with the following adjustment, as this case matches the prerequisite defined there.

As the claimant is no longer an assurer, the CAcert Reliance Statement (CARS) about the destruction of the CAcert Assurance Program (CAP) forms cannot be given in this case. Instead the claimant should be asked to destroy the CAP forms at the required time, as he promised the assurees to do, when he signed the CAP forms. He should also be asked to confirm this.

If the confirmation is not given after three reminders with a sensible response time, the account should be closed, but the claimant remains responsible for the CAP forms and their destruction and may be contacted about them by the assurees or persons authorised by an Arbitrator.

Support should give a status report to the Arbitrator and Case Manager of this case, when the account is closed.

Cologne, 2014-11-10
Eva Stöwe


Support received a copy of the ruling as execution request.

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