Before: Arbitrator EvaStöwe (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Neal O (C), Case: a20140221.1

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Private Part

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original Dispute

Was in german, and contained mostly private information. It is a report of a death from a member of a local club of the reporter (C), that happened last year.


A member was reported to be dead by another member. A link to an obituary was included.

A test if the (late) member would response on his primary email adderess (because the report may have been wrong) was not respeonded on for over a month.

This implies that the member is deceased, as well.

There are few options for us to check on the death of a member further. The orbituary can be considered as a good evidence.

As there is nobody who may access the account, legally, it should be closed.

The member had no certificates and had not issued any assurances. Because of this there are no unclear R/L/O to be considered, as soon as the CCA is declared to be terminated and the account is closed, by an arbitrator.

intermediate Ruling

Since there is currently nobody who may legaly use the account of the late [name of deciesed person], support should block his account until further notice from arbitration.

-- Darmstadt, 2014-02-23


The account of Wenzel B should be closed by support, as the report of the death of the member seems regrettably to be true.

The CCA with the Wenzel B should be terminated with the date of this ruling (if it can be considered to be running after the death at all).

As there are no further R/L/O to consider in this case, at the moment the CCA is terminated, nothing has to be ordered in this regard.

Cologne, 2014-03-30


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