Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: CACert (R), Claimant: AlexRobertson (C), Case: a20121101.1

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Original Dispute

> As part of arbitration case a20110310.1 it has become apparent that 
> there are discrepancies between the "official" copies of policy 
> documents as referenced in the CAcert Community Agreement and policy 
> updates agreed by Policy committee. 
> As a specific case in point, the new rules on appeals which I 
> understand have been awarded draft status have still not been carried 
> through into the master documents many months later.
> This is not a satisfactory state of affairs, since many of the 
> processes utilised by CAcert depend on the various policies for their authority.
> I therefore ask for an arbitrator to review the mechanisms to 
> ascertain why this has happened and to ensure that any necessary 
> process updates are implemented to prevent recurrence. 
> Alex Robertson
> CACert Arbitrator




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