Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: <anonymized> (R), Claimant: Dominik G (C), Case: a20111230.1

History Log

Original Dispute, Discovery (Private Part)

EOT Private Part

Original Dispute

> Dear support,
> please file dispute againt the CAcert community for the following case.
> On 2011-12-29, I met [member] on the 28c3 in a
> co-audit session. In the mutual assurance, I noticed that he is a
> Junior member (and Junior assurer).
> I asked for the necessary parental consent which he couldn't provide.
> Further investigations brought up the following facts:
> - the member is fully assured by more than 3 assurers
> - at least one of these assurers must be considered experienced, if not
>   senior
> - the member has already assured ~ 15 people (and noticed the implied
>   10 points upper boundary)
> - the member has never heard of PoJAM or the parental consent form
>   before and was never asked for it during an assurance
> - all this took place in 2011 when PoJAM was in POLICY state!
> Obviuosly, this is not the Juniors fault and besides that, we cannot
> get him into arbitration anyway (that's why we enforce PoJAM !). So the
> case should be filed against the community to have an Arbitrator ask
> support for the assurers of the Junior and brief them about the
> consequences their ignorance of policy documents can have.
> Basic details of the Junior Member:
> Name: [members name]
> DoB: [members DoB]
> E-Mail: [members e-mail]
> Evidence for the arbitration was gathered by the following experienced
> and senior assurers:
> - myself
> - [AS1] ([email])
> - [AS2] ([email])
> Of course, I accept CCA and DRP under this arbitration.
> 2011-12-30, CARS
> --
> Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
> With kind regards,
> Dominik G[...]

Parts in [] anonymised by EvaStöwe for possible privacy reasons at time of publishing dispute. This may be adjusted by later CM or Arbitrator




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