Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: Christian K (R) CAcert (R2), Claimant: Alexander B (C), Case: a20100313.2

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I hereby rule, that the Assurance of (C) have to be removed by Support from (R)'s account, following the procedure as described in the precedents case a20100210.2, so (C) could reapply the assurance, however the deadline of 24 hours set by the precedence case has been passed.

I further rule, that the Assurers have to be informed to send failure reports directly to support after applying assurances with failures to the system, so the deadline of precedense case a20100210.2 is within the 24 hours deadline to prevent simple cases to fill the arbitrations cases list.

I further rule against (C), to do 1 hours work for CAcert in relation to usings Arbitration system time. As (C) is known to the community helping at events, or helping on writing Call4Projects, Call4Papers and so on, he has the free option where to do the volunteer work. This should be a precedence to other cases, to not overload the Arbitration system with simple cases, by letting pass the the deadlines that are given to intermediate support corrections. Despite the fact, that those infos aren't communicated to the community properly, this ruling against (C) is suspended on the probation for half a year. If thus reoccures, the volunteer work has to be done by the (C).


It can be expected that an assurers files a dispute within a 24 hours timewindow a dispute in case he had made a failure in transfering assurance points to the online system and not wait any longer to report this problem. In all cases the support channel is the first entry point not only for support actions, also for dispute filings and questions. Triage has been trained, to forward appropiate questions to the correct channels.


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