I found on the svn system with google alle the answers of the cats exam,
I mine opinion this information does not belong unencrypted in SVN.

Please make rulling if I am correct or not!

The url to svn is :



Statement from Education Officer

my opinion on this topic is that this is purely an education business.

I don't see where any policies are involved in this topic (no privacy relevant data, anything else?).
The answers have been "public" (in this way and others) from the beginning, I guess it's just that many people are afraid of "cheating". I could go into details why it was done this way (it was intentional), but IMHO this would be a topic of education mailing list. Like you already said it has been discussed several times already.

So my appeal to the arbitrator would be to confirm that CATS is a topic under education management and forward further discussion to the education mailing list. 


It is up to the Education Team whether and how to publish the answers to the CATS examn. There are no policies requiring this information to be kept private. On the other hand keeping them private could also be justified, so this is not a requirement from open governance.

The decission to publish this information has been taken intentionally by the education team consisting of members being very familiar with CAcert and some of them also serving as arbitrators. As an arbitrator I do not see any reason to overrule their decission, but seeing this as an abuse of arbitration powers. Further (open) discussions on this topic should be held on the education mailing list.