I've attended yesterday the OpenSrcExpo09 Karlsruhe
event. The assurers there told me, that i have a problem
with my name in my account, that i've created in june 2005.

The name is written as "Roland J... rj"
and should be corrected to: "Roland J..."
(removal of the suffix "rj")

I was assured by 5 assurers on the booth.
(5 assurers names followed with their corrosponding email addresses)
who can confirm my identity but cannot
transfer their points.

As i have allways 120 points on my account, i
cannot change the name by myself.

What i've learned from the experienced assurers
regarding the rules:
  removal of names, or name parts is possible
  you can only assure what you have seen in
the ID documents the 'rj' suffix isn't on my
ID documents and following the updated
PracticeOnNames i have to remove the
'rj' suffix, so the assurers can transfer
their assurance points to my account.

To speed up the arbitration process,
i make the following statement
regarding the CARS program
(CAcert Assurer Reliable Statement)

I hereby accept the CAcert Community Agreement
and the DRP under the arbitration.

Roland J.

Before: Arbitrator BernhardFröhlich (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Roland J. (C), Case: a20091117.2

Original filing in Disputes mailing list

History Log



I hereby rule that support shall remove the suffix "rj" from the Claimant's account. No removal of Assurance or Experience Points is necessary. Since the modification is minor and no potential of abuse can be seen it is not necessary to revoke existing certificates.

The Assurers who have already assured the account shall be notified that such suffixes have to be verifiable.

Note: Since the Claimant's request was to remove an optional part of his name, the verification by the witnesses would not have been necessary.


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