At an ATE it was discovered that first name and last name of the account of this user are switched, so the user created a second account, and got assurance points for that second account during the ATE. The first (incorrect) account however also got assurance points.

2009/08/14 CM: Asked C for confirmation of CCA and DRP
2009/08/14 C: Repeated deletion request by signed email from both accounts but did not confirm CCA and DRP
2009/08/14 C: Confirmed binding of CCA and DRP
2009/08/17 CM: Hans is going to be the arbitrator
2009/08/25 CM: confirms execution of ruling -> case closed

Before: Henri Johan Verbeek (A). Respondent: CAcert inc. (R) Claimant: Joachim Jäckel (C) Case: a20090810.2

The account to be removed did not reach 100 points and was never used to assure somebody.


(a) All existing certificates of this first incorrect account, stating the wrong name sequence "Jäckel Joachim" should be revoked.
(b) All existing assurances on this account should be revoked as they are not correct.
(c) The account should be closed.