i hereby file a dispute against the account with the email address
        rl... at p... dot de

I have met Reinhard L. at Linuxtag Berlin in the face-2-face meeting
at the booth.
I'd verified the name on the CAP against the name in his ID document
(German Personalausweis).
The name on the IDcard:     Reinhard E. L. 
The name in the account:    Reiner L.

The 2nd givenname is not a problem, but the transformed "Reiner" instead
of Reinhard .... so therefor i cannot finish the assurance by transfering
my given assurance points.

As the Assuree has yet 100 assurance points something seems to be wrong.

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards 
Ulrich Schroeter - CAcert Event Organisation Officer 
CAcert.org - Free Certificates 
E-Mail: Events@CAcert.org & Ulrich@CAcert.org 

20090710 CM: Andreas B., ab@... dot de, seconds the Claimant, so I'll add him as additional Claimant.

I second the arbritration case http://wiki.cacert.org/wiki/Arbitrations/a20090706.1

I have met Reinhard E. L. at the Assurer Training Event on 2009-07-09 at the Restaurant Prometheus in Berlin. He presented me his ID card to identify himself and told me that there is already an arbitration going on to change the name in his CAcert account rluett at phantasos dot de from "Reiner L." to "Reinhard E. L.".

"Reiner" is a common abbreviation/calling-name for the given namen "Reinhard".

I would like to get notified when the name is changed, so I can complete my assurance.


20090713 CM: Christopher H., christopher dot h... at n... dot de, seconds the Claimants, so I'll add him as additional Claimant.

Hallo Bernhard,

ich habe letzte Woche auf dem CAcert ATE in Berlin ebenfalls Reinhard
E. L. geprüft und er machte mich auch dabei auf den Fall
aufmerksam (a20090706.1).
Benötigst du von mir Dokumente? Andreas B. hatte sich ja schon

Die Angaben:

  * Reinhard E. L.
  * geb. <SNIP>
  * rl... at p... dot de

kann ich ebenfalls bestätigen.

Ich habe die Eintragung der Punkte zurückgestellt.


Before: Arbitrator BernhardFröhlich (A). Respondent: Reinhard E. L. (R) Claimants: Ulrich S. (C1), Andreas B. (C2), Christopher H. (C3) Case: a20090706.1

History Log



Based on the facts established above I give the following ruling:

The first name in the Respondent's account shall be changed to Reinhard.

Since the names are quite similar and there are no obvious ways to abuse the name difference it is not necessary to revoke certificates or remove Assurance Points.

The Assurers which have already assured the account shall be notified that the names do not match according to current practice. Since the Assurances have been made before PracticeOnNames had been established, and the mistake also is minor, there's no need for further penalties against the Assurers.

I keep the option of filing disputes against Assurers which did not answer to the request for assistance to this case.


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