During todays Assurer Training Event in Eemnes, The Netherlands, we
discovered that my first name as stated in my CACert account differs
from the name in my official documents.  I therefor kindly request
correction of the first name in my account from "Paul" to "Paulus".

Two CACert arbitration committee members have verified my identity
during the ATE:

    Lambert Hofstra
    Hans Verbeek

as well as the following assurers:

    Ulrich Schroeter
    Dirk Astrath
    Bastiaan van den Dikkenberg
    Joost Steijlen
    Raoul Xavier Boerlage

With kind regards,

Paul Schenkeveld

Before: Arbitrator: Andreas Bäß (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Paul Schenkeveld (C), Case: a20090621.1

History Log



We have evidence from Ulrich Schröter and Lambert Hofstra that the person assured has used an abbreviation of his name when opening the CAcert account. As the user has not answered the question wether he wants to withdraw his request to leave the name according to a similar arbitration case we will follow his initial request to change the name in his account from "Paul Schenkeveld" to "Paulus Schenkeveld".

There is no need to revoke certificates that have been issued in the past.

Offenbach 2011-03-08


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