Hi everyone,

i missed to fillin my middlename on registration. As you dont use your middlename in germany that often, i wasn't concerned what happens when i dont fill it in.

Now i need to correct it and there is no editfield for it.

Could you please change it to Günter Benno ?

Before: Arbitrator: BernhardFröhlich (A). Respondent: CAcert (R) Claimant: Sebastian Fischer (C) Case: a20090617.1

20090720 A: Sent initiating mail

[ leaving out standard introduction ]

You are requesting to add your middle names to your CAcert account. According to http://wiki.cacert.org/wiki/PracticeOnNames this is the preferred variant, but it is also OK to leave out the middle names.

You have already collected 100 Assurance Points, so the name in your account has been checked by at least three Assurers.

This leaves the following options:

   * Do nothing, that is do not add your middle names to the account.
     Pro: least work, Con: You don't get what you want
   * I can order support to revoke your Assurance Points, so you can
     once again modify your name fields. Pro: since you prove that you
     have control over the mail adress by replying, nothing more has to
     be established. Con: You have to start Assurances all over.
   * If you can convince me that you indeed have ID documents which
     contain your middle names I can order support to add the names
     without revoking your Points.

You can convince me about the middle names if you can find at least two Assurers (maybe those who did already assure you, but others are OK also) who'll write a signed mail to me, confirming that they have verified that you posess ID documents containing those middle names. Or we can meet personally, just in case you happen to come to Munich in the near future. ;)

So now you have to decide which way you'll be going.

20090827 A: No response from Claimant, sent out another mail.

20090831 C:

Hallo Bernhard,

i think i will leave the names as they are. They are not optimal but they are according the revised rules. Beside that i wont like to go through all the assurances again.

Thanks for reminding me and have a nice Day
Sebastian F.

20090906 A: I declare the case closed.


Similar cases: a20090702.1, a20090310.1

Precedent for revocation of Assurance Points: a20090626.1

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