Tobias Johnson, who got his points via thawte transfer, asks to get his middle name (Derrek) added.

I confirm this Arbitration, I don´t want to change the governing law and I´m not seeking a lawyer.
Last Sunday (2009-03-08) I visited the CAcert booth at the CeBIT Convention in Hannover, Germany and met Mr. Ulrich Schroeter. He pointed out to me, that I should add my middle name to my CAcert accout, because it appears in my government issued ID´s. Unfortunately I didn´t do that when I registered in the past because I hardy ever use my middle name and I didn´t think about it when I got my points transfered from Thawte. After the greate training and practice that I got at CeBIT, I'm more educated about the rules and regulations of CAcert and fully agree that I should add my middle name to my account. After I got home, I logged in and wanted to add my name to my account, this didn´t work, so I contacted the support and Mr. Alejandro Mery opened this case for me. 

Just for clarification. You are aware that entering your Middle Name is optional. That means that if you want to use it you may, but you are not required to do so. The reason Ulrich  told you about it is because he copied your middle name onto the CAP form to make sure he would have evidence of it in case you want it in your account.
So basically it is up to you. If you want your middle name in your account I will have to check with Ulrich whether he has supporting evidence. The problem here are the other assurances. Do you have your Middle Name registered with Thawte? (If yes please provide the URL to find your Notary Entry).

yes I am aware that the middle name is optional. After re-reading the Assurance Handbook ( and considering the conversations I had with the CAcert people at CeBIT, I had the feeling it would be better to have my middle name added to my account, especially as an assurer and being active in the CAcert community.
But if it really doensn´t make any difference now and in future, I´ll resign from my request and keep my name in the CAcert account like it is now.

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