When the un-Challenged Assurers were shut off a few weeks ago, London went from 24 listed Assurers to 4 listed Assurers (approximately).  This indicates that London has a very strong need to have an ATE [1], and as this is an ideal opportunity for Audit to check Assurances, one is now planned and scheduled [2] for 12th May.

I would like to notify [3] *all ex-Assurers* [4] of this important Assurance event in London, 12th May, once now, and once 2 days before, using the text approximately attached below.

Please consider this request as an Arbitration, according to Security Policy 3.3 [5].  I have no SQL to submit, sorry about that! 

Before: Arbitrator UlrichSchroeter (A), Respondent: CAcert (R), Claimant: Ian Grigg (C), Case: a20090427.2

History Log



I now do a late review on this case. Script execution request follows the Arbitration case a20090525.1 ruling. The script has been executed and is in compliance to arbitration case a20090525.1. So therefor no further actions are needed.

Frankfurt/Main Dec 25th, 2009


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