Philipp Gühring publicly said "Everyone who assures me nowadays is making a false assurance, since my
new ID documents are false." Evaldo Gardenali asks to get the last assurances of Mr. Gühring reviewed and get a ruling from an Arbitrator about this kind of issues.

Before: Arbitrator name arbitor (A), Respondent: Philipp Gühring (R), Claimant: Evaldo Gardenali (C), Case: a20090313.1

History Log


When R received his new passport, he discovered that an error was made: his passport does not include his middle name, although that should be included according to the local rules. It is however an officially government issued ID. Now R admits he has claimed he has a false passport, and that he uses it for assurances. However, R also claims he's using it as a testing document for new assurers, and always informs the assurers later on.

As a summary, we can conclude that the following statements are made:


The big question in this case is whether the passport in question is false or not. For this we need a definition of "false ID". Although this seems a simple question, it is not. Definitions of "false" in common dictionaries range between "designed to deceive ("A suitcase with a false bottom")" on one end, and "arising from error ("A false assumption")" on the other. We can assume that the Government Officer that created the passport made an error, and that it was not "designed to deceive", so these definitions do not really help out.

However, because the government both issues the ID's, and defines the rules for those ID's, we as CAcert cannot make statements about these documents being "False" or not. We can only define if such a document with an error can be used for assuring people

Ruling regarding assurance with false ID:

Official Government issued photo ID's can be used for assurances. However, if the member is aware of errors in that official document, he MUST

Such a document may be used during training and instruction, but the assurer MUST always be informed of the error within 24 hours

Ruling regarding the request from C:

Since CAcert cannot mark a official government issued photo ID as "False", there is no need to review the assurances.


Based on the statements of R there is no further execution required

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