I, Evaldo Gardenali, CAcert user evaldo@gardenali.biz, hereby designated
Claimant, challenge the CAcert user teus@theunis.org to present official
government-issued documentation with the name Teus Hagen, for I have
seen a passport which states Teunis Hagen.

Before: Arbitrator Greg Rose (A). Respondent: Teus Hagen (R) Claimant: Evaldo Gardenali (C) Case: a20070921.1

  1. A: Claimant claims that Respondent was assured even though he didn't have documents on him that proved he was indeed the person on the website.
  2. A: Claimant, did you ever certify Teus?
    • C: No. I had the documents and it did not match.
  3. C: Claimant challenges Respondent to produce official dox that match the name.
  4. A: A reasonable person should know that first names may differ according to conventions. There is little or no difference between Greg and Gregory.
  5. A: Uphold the right of the claimant to refuse the assurance. The assurer can withhold assurance for almost any reason.
  6. R: You might choose not to set a rule that applies to any other case. We cannot go back and change the cases where this occurs. Every policy and change can cause severe systems changes. There are costs in just fixing. If there is a rule, did it happen after the first assurance of Respondent has happened? Be careful.
  7. A: I undertook a "reasonable man's" search for the rule, and couldn't find it. Also the initial assurances of the Respondent happened very early in CAcert's life and probably the rule was not spelled out at that time.
  8. A: I request CAcert (the board) to clarify the rule. I do not make an order on this issue.
  9. A: If the Claimant had acted badly, we might have to revoke all certificates. There seems to be no intent to act badly in this case. If the Assurances were to be revoked it would cause a ripple effect. Therefore no such order is made.
  10. A: I Dismiss the action.

Arbitrator closes the case.

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