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Lesson 81 - Training - Process

Upon appointment to the arbitration team, a new member will have a more experienced team member assigned as mentor to him/her.

The role of the mentor is to guide the novice team member through the processes of case management and arbitration. Whilst these are well defined within this document, a degree of "hand-holding" is generally useful during a new member's early days.

A novice arbitrator/CM should listen to the advice of the mentor - but, particularly when acting as arbitrator, is not obliged to follow that advice - it is expected that the new member would not be appointed if they were not regarded as "competent".

It is likely that the mentor will usually be the other part of the Case Manager/Arbitrator pair during the first two or three cases in which the new member takes either role, but this is not mandatory.

There is no fixed time to the mentor's role - the use of and the need for a mentor is likely to drop away as the new member gains experience, but any arbitrator may find it useful to have a person to talk to if (for example) they take on a complex case, and whilst any member of the team may provide (or be asked for) help, having a particular contact with a developed relationship may be useful.

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