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Lesson 80 - Training - DRO Notes

Board passed two motions that affect how training is to be managed within teams :-

m20140330.8 Team leaders to manage training

m20140330.9 Advise all teams to think about training processes

The first board motion makes the current arbitrarily introduced and undocumented practice of an arbitrator being "in training" and his/her rulings subject to change by a "supervising arbitrator" inconsistent with the Board's direction and I therefore remove this status from all members of the arbitration team with immediate effect. Any actions taken prior to this date by an arbitrator classed as "in training" or by a "supervising arbitrator" remain in effect.

Basic training has been defined elsewhere in the past, and a more detailed and documented process will be introduced in the next section.

Alex Robertson (DRO) 2014-04-02


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