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Lesson 71 - Appeals - How the DRO appoints an appeal panel

In the event of the Review Arbitrator allowing the appeal, the DRO is tasked with setting up an appeal panel of 3.

The DRO will determine the senior available active arbitrator (based on the date of their appointment) and invite them to act as Panel Chairperson. The Panel Chairperson should be independent of both the original case and the review.

In conjunction with the Panel Chairperson, the DRO will appoint two other arbitrators to complete the Panel.

The arbitrator and CM of the original case may not act as panel members - there is an obvious conflict of interest there - and the same applies to the Appellant if he/she happens to be an Arbitrator.

Whilst ideally this should be avoided, either or both of the Review Arbitrator and Review CM may be invited to join the panel at the discretion of the Panel Chairperson and the DRO.

If there are insufficient available Arbitrators to form a panel, the DRO shall take advice from the Board as to how to proceed.

First Draft 2013-12-26 - AlexRobertson (DRO)


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