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Lesson 34 - Investigation on Dutch Name variations

We have:

Pro's / Con's

  1. full name exactly as written in ID docs
    • Member can assume, that he gets assurances w/o further questions
    • Assurers not familiar with the countries variation can also assure the member w/o filing a dispute
    • Assurers can compare names if they are identical
    • International Assurances are quite not a problem
  2. common short name
    • Member has to assume, that not all Assurers accepts assurance with a common short name
    • Not all Assurers are familiar with the countries variation. Assurers have to be familiar with the common short form of names
    • Assurances are probably restricted to national Assurers that are familiar with the common short form of names


This has been considered by the member before creating an account but not limited to it. It can be also discovered in a dispute filing process.

Therefore, the Arbitrator working on such a case, has to send a request to the Claimant / Respondent, explaining the difficulties about common short names and the assurance process, so the member has an option to decide, if he further wants his account name with the common short name or with the name exactly as written in his ID docs.

Dependent on the members answer, the Arbitrator can rule a name change or a dismissal of the Arbitration case.

The Arbitrator can request assistance from the Assurers yet assured the member or by requesting assistance from other Assurers familiar with the country variations.

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