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Lesson 14a - Arbitration - More details on the case file

This page contains some proposals on what must/should/can be included in a case file. It should be discussed on the Arbitration List, and then probably be merged into Lesson 14. Until then use these ideas at your own risk. BernhardFröhlich

Purpose of the public part

The public part of an Arbitration Case file tries to fulfill the following goals:

Purpose of the private part

The obvious purpose of the private part is to record details of the case which must be available for working on and executing the case, but should not be publicly accessible.

Following the currently most widely used (but not undisputed) practice this includes full names and contact adresses of the parties. Other examples include technical details on security incidents which might be exploited more easily if commonly known.

Furthermore the private part may be used to record details of the case so that another Arbitrator can take over the case if the original Arbitrator is not available for a handover. This is good practice though not always possible. Especially if another Arbitrator or CAcert sysop personnel is involved in the case as party, it might be more appropriate to keep detailed documentation elsewhere.


To fulfill the purposes mentioned above, the public part should contain:

Note that it is not necessary to include every discussion or received advice in the case file. But if you discover a relevant fact in the process at least the fact should be named.

The two cases are about sealing a case - this is a totally different issue and is explicitly allowed for under DRP - the more general question is about how much of a more general case could/should/ought to be made public! - Alex Robertson (2014-02-09)

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