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Lesson 4 - Creating a new Arbitration case

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Pickup of Dispute filings from Ticketing System

Pickup new cases from cacert-disputes mailing list

* Template Notification mail to <cacert DASH arbitration AT lists DOT cacert DOT org> by forwarding the original dispute filing mail

CC: <email claimant> [, <email respondent> (optional)], <>
Subject: Arbitration case <new casenumber> - "Dispute filing text"
Dear Case Managers, Arbitrators,

a new dispute filing has been received
Arbitration case <new casenumber><new casenumber>

The search for a Case Manager and Arbitrator
is still open

<attached original dispute filing>

Sent Notification to (C) / (R)

To: <claimants email>, <respondents email>
Re: New Arbitration case a20######.# - "short complaint text"   (as in Wiki overview)
Hi <claimant>, Hi <respondent>,

The dispute filing has been received, the Arbitration case number is: a20######.#

You can find the current state of this arbitration case at:

The search for a Case Manager and Arbitrator
is still open.

Given the current backlog of arbitration cases, this might take some time. If you consider your case as urgent please notify me so I can try to prioritize your case.

As the next step a Case Manager or Arbitrator will contact you with a initial mailing as soon he gets appointed to this case.

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BernhardFröhlich: Tried to initiate a case following the instructions here and it worked OK. If I find some time I'll try a few clarifications.

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