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Lesson 52 - Appendix - Advice: Evidence Gathering

From: CM / A
To: Assurer
Subject: Advice  "Evidence Gathering" - Arbitration case a########.#
Hi Assurer,

You've assured user
Name : <users name>
Email: <users email>

<assurance given line as rcvd from support>

The problem: users 2nd Givenname is missing on your CAP form. So therefor you've get this advice:

In the arbitration case a20xxxxxx.x, I've requested infos from your CAP form, that you've followed thankfuly.

On your CAP form, the 2nd Givenname was missing. By evidence gathering by other Assurers we could handle this case and could add users 2nd Givenname on his account.

CAcert's interest is, not to penalize the assurers, instead CAcert tries to bring these errors to the attention and starting trainings to assist the assurers to prevent further errors. Therefor the ATEs (Assurer Training Events) was started, there from now on (around April 2009), assurers gets trained.

New community members, inexperienced in handling account data (which name have to be added to which field?) makes possible mistakes in filling out the Join form.

An assurer must count on it. Therefor, beeing the assurer I have to check data in Assuree's IDdoxs and have to document all the Names that I've read. Missing names on CAP form should be added by note by the Assurer. Often users later decides to add missing names, you can assist Arbitration by bringing in the evidence, that the user had these names in his IDdoc.

Also with pre-printed CAP forms, later the Assuree change his mind and requests to add names, we've got lost, as you the Assurer didn't noted the addtl. name(s).

Further readings about Evidence Gathering for Arbitration you can read here:

For background infos about Assurance i propose to read the ATE presentations from the following source:



If there are any questions, you can add this to the Education mailing list There we'll try to answer all your questions.

Hopefuly you now understand which problems araises thru incomplete infos gathered in an assurances.


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