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Lesson 50 - Appendix - Advice: Assurer DoB errors

From: CM / A To: Assurer Subject: Advice Assurer DoB errors - Arbitration case a########.#

Hi Assurers,

You have all assured user: <username> with the primary email address: <email address> at <assurance date>.

In the arbitration case a########.#, I've requested a CAP form scan from you guys, that you've thankfuly followed.

On all CAP forms, the DoB was readable written as <correct DoB>. However, the account contains the wrong DoB <wrong DoB>, you all have finished the assurance by transfering your assurance points to the account.

As readable below in the ruling, early spring 2009 at the Assurance Audit a horrible error rate on DoB errors has been identified with an error rate of 50% at date fields.

CAcert's interest is, not to penalize the assurers, instead CAcert tries to bring these errors to the attention and starting trainings to assist the assurers to prevent further errors. Therefor the ATEs (Assurer Training Events) was started, there from now on (around April 2009), assurers gets be trained.

In the actual case, all assurances were made before the ATE attendance was possible. So therefor, i've ruled for a training course to the assurers of this case.

New community members, inexperienced in handling account data (which name have to be added to which field?) makes possible mistakes in filling out the Join form.

An assurer must count on it. Therefor, beeing the assurer I have to check data not only at the face-2-face meeting by checking the data between ID doxs and the CAP form, so I have also to check the data if I'm at home and try to transfer my assurance points, checking each data between CAP form and account data by conscientious examination. If there is a difference between Account data and the data on the CAP form, I have to stop the assurance by not transfering the assurance points.

The namefield has to be checked the same way as the DoB field. Addtl. names doesn't have to be accepted. Also DoB differences are not allowed. DoB data have to be checked three times as of experiences from the Assurance Audit.

  1. First you have to order the fields,
    • year to year
    • month to month
    • day to day
  2. In a 2nd step, you have to verify each char individualy, char by char, so you also can identify ordering problems in numbers (i.e. 04-10 -> 04-01)

  3. The 3rd step is, to add the month as name with your own handwriting onto the CAP eg 10 -> Oct

By setting the checkbox in the online form you've confirmed that you've also rechecked the data in the online form.

For background infos about Assurance i propose to read the ATE presentations from the following source:



especialy the document


(slides 19)


(slides 19)

that contains the infos about the DoB errors

If there are any questions, you can add this to the Education mailing list <cacert DASH education AT lists DOT cacert DOT org> There we'll try to answer all your questions.


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