Minutes HR Top 20070921

Presented by TeusHagen / Advisory as one session in top:

  1. Org Chart is approved.
    1. 3 departments
    2. advisory
    3. board, and add the management subcommittee
    4. auditor on side
  2. Everyone is in an "interim" state.
    1. all have to learn in the job
    2. (refer to Jens presentation)
    3. task description onto the wiki
    4. quality will be looked at
    5. Management sub-committee will monitor (was Advisory)
  3. Major current task is to look at the Systems Admin
    1. Board has decided TrustCheck no longer required for non critical systems

    2. Management sub-committee with Philipp to look for sysadmins and allocate non-critical systems.
    3. Board to approve critical sysadms (no change).
  4. CAcert is the responsible body
    1. It goes: board => M-SC => Officers

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