Advisory Minutes 20070927

Iang, Teus.

board members



Dispute Resolution

Systems Administration

Assume that the root server is the blocking node. Here are some options.

  1. run the keyserver in AT, and have all requests for signing go to AT. Problem with this is a whole new security arrangement.
  2. ITTC: split the root across nodes. problem is: no clear delivery times for ITTC.
  3. have a new team build a separate root server in NL. Then have the main-server-team and the root-server-team separated and "opposed".
  4. have Philipp build the root key server in NL, then have a separate NL team take over, secure, then produce a new root key.

Board + Advisory discussions lead to view that there is no clear statement possible that the existing roots are 'good' so there is a need/desire to plan a new set of roots.



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