Please note that Venezuela allows multiple citizenships, therefore you might be presented with a Venezuelan passport and a passport from another country, probably Italy, Spain or Portugal.

Venezuelan passport

Cédula de identidad

Note that Venezuelan passports, even older ones, cite the cedula number. This is very useful to check the document validity. Look under Cedula de identidad.

Other documents

The following documents should not be accepted as primary documents, and it's up to the assurer to even consider them at all. They might, however, increase assurers confidence.

There's no electoral card in Venezuela, and political party affiliations usually lack photographs and generally aren't issued by trustworthy organizations. There's no Social Security Card or any other massively used national document.

Comment: Government ID cards (sometimes also called service cards) usually are considered valid for a CAcert Assurance if they contain a photo. Of course you should not accept one if you are not familliar with it! BernhardFröhlich

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