Acceptable documents for Turkish citizens

The primary documents which are used for proving identities are the identity card ("Nüfus cüzdanı") and the passport. Since every Turk is obliged to own an identity card from the age of 18 on you should insist that presented documents is an id card or a passport.

A driver's license usually also is accepted but they do not have an expiry date and so you may be presented a very old (and easily forged) license. That's why I'd consider it a secondary document.

A birth certificate does not contain verifiable personal attributes, but since they are only handed out to the person in question I'd accept them as a secondary document.

Other secondary documents could be company badges, account cards of public transport authorities and the like. You should only accept those if they contain a photo of the person, you have seen those before and you have reason to assume that they are not easily forged.

Note on birth names in Turkey


Identity Card

The Turkish id card has a size of ?? x ?? mm, is of wich is blue for the male and red for the female.

The front shows the first and last name of the holder, first names of both parents, birth date and place, and an 11 digit ID number.

The back shows marital status, religious affiliation, the region of the country of origin, and the date of issue of the card.

Link to detailed description of the Turkish ID card id card and (Wikipedia as there is no good description on official pages).

Some features:




Driver's Licence

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