Acceptable documents for Russians

Hello Mr Schröter,

after our conversation on CAcert meeting (2009-07-09, Berlin) I try to compare CAcert information with official documents of Russia. I write in English in case the following will be used further. 

In my opinion the example 
" Борис Николаевич Ельцин / Boris Nikolaevic El'cin / ISO 9, diacritical marks omitted" on the page
is not correct.

According to the rules introduced in the order of Ministry of The Interior of Russian Federation (Nr. 310, 26.05.97) 
the English transliteration must be used in the new documents instead of the French transliteration (which was used before).
(Note, character encoding is not Unicode but Cyrillic Windows 1251)

This means old  ID documents contain the person's name in Cyrillic and in French transliteration. The newer documents contain the name in Cyrillic and in English transliteration.

The ISO version may be found only in the "official" translations and in some documents issued by German agencies. However the names in such documents can be transliterated also in German.

The patronymic (отчество) is not used by Russian authorities by transliteration. This means "Nikolaevic" from the example above will not be present in the passport. The page 37 of the modern passport would contain the records

Имя/Given names

The rules of transliteration in English are also more complex than presented in

There is no official page about the validation of documents issued in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. I try to collect information I can find in Internet. This will take some time.

Best Regards!

Vitaly Rudovich

Comment by BernhardFröhlich: IMHO the (former) example in PracticeOnNames is not completely wrong but it looks like it is not the way Russian authorities do it currently. Of course if the translation of the name is given in the document this translation is valid as a name for a CAcert account and should be preferred to "manual translating" using ISO (or other) rules.

Comment by BennyBaumann: Have a look at

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