Acceptable Documents for citizens from the Netherlands

In The Netherlands, it is obligated to have at least one form of ID with you at all times. Except for people with a drivers license, two identity documents are rare to have. It is allowed to have multiple nationalities and thus to have passports of more then one country.


See PRADO - NLD - Netherlands Paaports.

Information in Dutch on

Identity Card

A cheaper, smaller alternative to the passport. Valid in most European countries.

More advanced checkmarks

This document contains information in Dutch for municipality employees.

Drivers License ID Card

Drivers License is accepted to be used as official ID. Detailed description can be found at the official info page. From the year 2006 the driver license has the format of an ID card and has a lasered photo, hologram, kinogram, perforated second photo.

A driver license expires after 10 years, or after 5 years for senior citicen.

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