Acceptable Documents for citizens from Ireland

There are 3 main photo identification methods in Ireland: Age Card, Drivers License and Passport. All are Irish Government issued.

Age Card

Issued by An Garda Siochana (Irish National Police Service). The card itself is standard credit-card sized document. The Gardai provide a page on security methods used on the card. Mainly younger people carry this form of identification since it is a requirement under law for all places who serve alcohol to accept it as proof of age.

Drivers License

The drivers license comes in two colours: pink for full license and blue for learners' permit. These are foldable laminted pieces of paper with have an accompany sleeve to put them in.

Irish Passport

Irish passports are issued by the Consular and Passport Division, Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland. Irish passports use the standard EU design, with a machine-readable identity page and 32, 48 or 64 visa pages. The cover bears the harp, the national symbol of Ireland. The words on the cover are in both of Ireland's official languages, Irish and English. The top of the cover page reads An tAontas Eorpach and the equivalent in English, European Union. Just above the harp are the words √Čire and its equivalent in English, Ireland. The identity page on older Irish passports was on the back cover of the booklet. Newly-issued passports have been redesigned with additional security features. The identity page is now a plastic card attached between the front cover and the first visa page.

The ePassport or biometric passport, was launched on 16 October 2006 with the first ePassports presented that day by the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The Irish passport includes the following data:

The information page ends with the machine readable zone.

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