Acceptable Documents in Australia

Primary Documents


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Driver Licence Security Features

Information below is collected from multiple documents, no promise of accuracy.





Age 1

Age 2



6 of CoA

Center: Bluebell watermark (large blue flower); under words Date of Birth: Bluebell watermark (small light flower); top of card: fine, light rmp in 3 lines: AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY

left bottom, vertical, running upwards, Unique licence number

Green L 15.9

Red P 17

info Licence Type Information Sheet au-ACT-full-gold-driver-licence-2010.png


f&b: repeating CoA; outline of NSW; New South Wales microprinting forward & reverse

f&b UV: CoA

unique card number (top) Name (bottom) with New South Wales rmp

Green L 16

Red P 17


Silhouette of Australia with NT highlighted

4 corners: CoA; left of center: large Sturt's Desert Rose (large pink+purple flower)

Ochre L 16 P 16.6

Gray lock 16.6 Martin's blog



CoA gold repeated down right side

top DIRECTOR-GENERAL and DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT; right side vertical: security number

/!\ no class/age colour coding in old licence

/!\ QLD issues old laminate form enclosed in plastic; Nota bene: smartcard licence shown below is not in service yet, due from end-2010; au-QLD-full-gold-driver-licence-NEW.jpg


Piping Shrike (bird) repeating; DOE small circle bottom left

criss-cross wavy lines with Piping Shrike, repeating

includes holograms

yellow L 16

Red P 16.9


repeating CoA

center: bluegum (flower); wavy Tasmania Australia faint rmp diagonal

Green L 16

Red P 17


Inverted triangle with 5 stars, repeated

swirled lines; left-center Common Heath (flower)

Green L 16

Yellow L 16

(Probationary Red is 18) au-VIC-full-blue-driver-licence-2009-sample.jpg


repeating CoA

repeating kangaroos; single UV kangaroo top right?

also Magenta 17 "heavy"

P 17

note that Learners is not a photo-ID in WA; au-WA-full-blue-driver-licence-2001-sample.jpg

Secondary Documents

Unacceptable Documents

Document Statistics

Australian government has formed an Identity working group for government agencies called National Identity Security Strategy or NISS. Following pix extracted from ANAO Performance Audit Report over NISS (ANAO No.29 2009-10, pages 25, 26). These are indicative of the situation in Australia, and do not imply either CAcert or government endorsement for any purpose.

The overall situation in Australia can be seen as this:


In popular business usage, these are the most available documents:


To put the above in context, Australia's estimated resident population was 22 million, end-June-09 (ABS estimate).

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