Some hints for voting at SGM/AGM

I order to vote you have to join the #vote room on Once there you have to wait until a vote is opened. VoteBot will notify you to the #vote room that this is the case. The Moderator or chairman will notify the #agm room of this as well. All you have to do now is vote by typing either AYE, NAYE or ABSTAIN into the irc room #vote and VoteBot will confirm your vote. You can change you vote by simply voting again until the vote is closed. One voting period will be exactly 2 minutes in duration. VoteBot will announce the start of voting. I will personally give a 30 second warning (in the #agm room) and close the Vote. At that time VoteBot will announce the result and I will transfer that result into the #agm room.

Voting requires fullname

Your Own Vote

Proxy voting

You can also exercise your Proxies by typing in:

So if you had my Proxy and wanted to vote AYE you would type:

(without the colon)

Please don't hesitate to contact PhilippDunkel in case you have any questions.

The Software

Further instructions