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23A. How the committee (board) does business: circulating questions, voting, etc. In one sense it is simply a codification of what the board already does: talk in a mailing list.

But, it also instructs that board that it *must put board business into a maillist*. So, previous discussions that are held in private CC lists would be against this rule.

And, the point is made again in 23B "Open and transparent governance". The board may close up a discussion on its own decision, but "the committee must record and publicly disclose the reasons for its decision."

This now brings the committee (board) into line with the open governance principle established in the community. See for example Security Policy on Openness and Principles.

Motion Carried (New Text)

By inserting, at the end of rule 23, the following:

23A Postal and other ballot methods
(1) Questions may be put by any member of the committee outside
    of a meeting by circulating the question to all board members
    by digitally signed email to a mailing list containing all
    members of the committee.
(2) A question circulated by way of rule 23A(1) is taken to have
    been received by all committee members 48 hours after
    transmission or such other period as may be unanimously 
    agreed on by the members of the committee.
(3) A question so put under this rule shall be voted on by 
    digitally signed email to the committee mailing list, or 
    by any other method deemed unanimously acceptable to the 
    members of the committee.
(4) A question put under this rule must be held open for votes
    for 72 hours following deemed receipt of the question in
    clause (2), or until such time as all members of the committee
    have voted, whichever is the sooner.
(5) A question is not resolved unless it is voted on by at 
    least as many members as would be required to constitute a
    quorum under rule 21(5).

23B Open and transparent governance
(1) The committee must, except as provided in this rule, cause any and 
    all business transacted by it to be published on the association's
(2) The committee may, by its own motion, close its deliberations to the
    public, restrict access to any document, or do any other thing as 
    necessary for the proper administration of the association.
(3) In the event of the use of rule 23B(2), the committee must
    record and publicly disclose the reasons for its decision.

By deleting rule 23(6).

23 Voting and decisions

Old Text

23(6) Due to accepting internationally based members, ordinary members, 
and office bearers, alternate voting methods via the internet, which is 
sanctioned by the committee will be deemed an acceptable method of 
voting, in addition to any other forms of valid voting methods. 


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