Bigger Committee


This rule change does:

This is quite controversial. The pros:

  1. Audit needs more attention, more people, more effort, and there's a stack of other important non-audit tasks.
  2. traditionally it is hard to get people to do big tasks if they are not on the board, or the board isn't giving them attention.
  3. At any one time, roughly half of the committee members might be inactive, travelling, busy, or not interested in that task.
  4. there are changes coming through that effect the assoc.; having more members will make that easier.

The cons:

  1. 10 members all working together will be too much noise, too much chance of discord, etc
  2. raising the quorum means we really do need more consensus and more people to get votes through.

Motion to be voted on (New Text)

By deleting rule 15(1)(b) and inserting in its place:

(b) 6 ordinary members,

By deleting rule 21(5) and inserting in its place:

(5) Any 5 members of the committee constitute a quorum for the
    transaction of business of a meeting of the committee.

Old Text


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