AGM 2015/2016 Board report

This report is a difficult one due to the changes in board through the financial year. In November of 2015 a new committee took office. This new board proved controversial, and at an SGM to remove the committee in April of that year, the members of the committee resigned. Many arbitrations were filed, and tempers ran high. The short conclusion here and now is that the report on the committee's activities is unlikely to be anything more than a representative timeline.

Much of the activities of board(s) is covered in the CAcertInc/SpecialReport2016 and that should be seen as a companion document.

Activities of the Committee July 2015 to November 2015

After some trouble about the root key resigning procedure for a new hash-algorithm board gave the GO to the next step. There were two test-runs done in August 2015 at Froscon, the resigning itself was done in March 2016. Unfortunately there was no handover from resigning software-assessment-team(leader) to the remaining members or committee after the SGM, so it wasn't able to be rolled out to our productive environment.

The issue around distributing the KeyPersonsList escalated until the AGM 2015 and after the SGM, so it was recreated and distributed according to our policy.

During Froscon 2015 there was another escalation about/within Support (see AGM/TeamReports/2016#SupportTeam ). It took nearly until the end of FY 2015/2016 and arbitration rulings to get support back to work.

Until the AGM took place in November most of the work of board was influenced by personal issues against board(member(s)) and arbitration, most boardmeetings did not take place due to a missed quorum.

These issues caused the AGM, which was called for September, not to be held as expected.

Activities of the new Committee November 2015 to April 2016

This part is especially difficult to write, and represents the opinions of the post-SGM committee members, and not the committee in place at the time.

At the association's AGM of 2014/15 a committee was accepted without election.

Big gap


Arbitrations concerning the SGMs

The board negotiated with Lambert, a senior and experienced arbitrator, to take on the case to review the multiple SGMs and rule. Lambert as Arbitrator ruled that only one SGM should take place, that of 2016-04-09.

The SGM to eject the committee

At the SGM held 2016-04-09, the committee considered the proxies for over an hour, slowly and painfully. When the realised the numbers were against them, they resigned en masse, clearing the way for a new committee.

Post-SGM Activities of the Committee April 2016 to June 2016

In the SGM, a committee was appointed. At the first meeting, the committee accepted Piers as President, Iang as vice-President, Dirk as secretary and Gero as Treasurer. In addition to these appointments, Kevin also joined the board, and Ben remained on board. XXX one more...

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