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In short; OHM 2013

The seventh edition in the series of four-yearly Dutch hacker camps will be organized during Juli 31st -- August 4th 2013.


Every four years since 1989 a major outdoor Dutch hacker conference is organised in The Netherlands. At these conferences the state of contemporary technology, the future of it and the sociological and political consequences of their work are discussed. The participants vary from students and people with personal interests to researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs who are widely recognised as the best in their field. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, the average level of knowledge is high and outside of the official lectures the site is buzzing with energy, ideas and innovating projects.

OHM2013 is the follow-up of successes like: Hacking At Random (2009), What the Hack (2005), Hackers At Large (2001), Hacking in Progress (1997), Hacking at the End of the Universe (1993) & Galactic Hacker Party (1989).


Ticket sales start somewhere around December.


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