LBW 2007

The Linux Beer Hike (a.k.a. "LBW") is a week-long event which takes place in a different European country each summer, drawing together Open Source software enthusiasts from more than a dozen different countries, for a combination of talks, presentations, hands-on mini-projects, outdoor exercise, and good food and drink.

The name Linux Bier Wanderung comes from the fact that the first event was held in Pottenstein in Germany (in 1999) in the form of a traditional German "Bier Wanderung" for Linux folks, and since then the group has visited Coniston in England (2000), Bouillon in Belgium (2001), Doolin in Ireland (2002), Tajov in Slovakia (2003), Schin op Geul in the Netherlands (2004), Killin Scotland (2005) and Paluse Lithuania (2006).

This year, LBW will be held on 2 - 9 September 2007 in Hersonissos (Chersonissos), in Heraklion Prefecture , Crete, Greece (Hellas)

wich Assurers are there ?


Points to give



more ...


10 ... 35 (till then)




Willem Konynenberg



(Henrik Heigl)



need Travel and Sponsor to greece (maybe per air from Zweibruecken) - Otherwise: not possible

(Dagmar Winter)


dcm-b or IT-Zicke

need also Travel and Sponsor (from Zweibruecken)- Otherwise: not possible

Sven Lankes

25 (jabber)

further Infos:

IRC Channel - #lbw or #lbw LBW Page:

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