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My commitment

Not to be a volunteer, just giving a hand CAcert is a great thing. A certificate authority run by volunteers. Unique. Great.

Well over a quarter of a million people participate. That means they are enrolled. But help out? Translate a text? Contribute an update? Test a new function? That's maybe only a dozen people. But CAcert cannot function like that in the long run.

I don't want to take on a task that is too much for me, join a team, meetings, hours to spend! I have a partner, children and a job. I am sorry, I cannot.

How about this: Take a look at our list of most urgent tasks. Do some proofreading in your mother tongue. Try out a new function and then briefly note whether it works or where it's stuck. No obligation for more.

And if it was fun or gave you a good feeling, maybe again next month? Are you in?
Ah, you don't know how to do that? OK, then I'll show you step by step. Without obligation.

Or in other words: Not to become a volunteer, just giving us a hand. :-)

Find your small contribution

How to find bugs that needs a review This is our bug tracker. (you may create an account, if you do not have one already)

Click on the red marked field. Select one of the following choices:

Apply the filter.

You will now see a number of bugs that have probably already been fixed. However, before we can put this in, we still need someone to check it. Better yet, two people. And they must not be the ones who have programmed it or the ones who will import it. That's why we need you. Because our core team is small.

Where to test

Usually, we test on the test server

Access is easy, just follow this steps:

After your test, please leave a note in the bug tracker (see above): "Add a note" on the bottom of the page. You may write in a few words, what you did and as it worked or what did not work. (e.g. "subscribed with 10 different e-mail addresses; 10 different dates of birth between 1872 and 2036"; "OK, no error message if date is in the future")

How to test

I want more!

Join our mailing lists! That way you can get to know a team. And maybe join in. If it suits you.

Don't be afraid: You don't get thousands of emails a day on our email lists. Or you subscribe for a daily digest (most days there will even be no digest).

Can I join a team and help on a regular basis?

Of course, you can! Just look here to find the team that fits to you and how to get in touch!

Help! I am lost

Oh, no, we want to prevent that. Actually, we should now discuss this with you personally, listen to you, help you.

Unfortunately, that is a bit difficult. Because so few are active. We always have to decide: This or that. If we simply publish an e-mail address here, we need 30% of our volunteers (this is what we experienced a few years ago) to answer within 6 months. That ties up too many resources and takes far too long. So the easiest way is for you to write to the support mailing list. There you will get the fastest answer:


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