ATE Organisation Guidelines

About this document

This wiki page explains in detail what you should do in order to organise an Assurer Training Event. We trust you have read the basics on the ATE Organisation Basics page. Please note that the title of this page says Guidelines, so you are not some kind legally bound to this document. The point is to give you a basic idea of what kind of work you are confronted with and that you understand our ideas when we planned it.

An ATE step-by-step

1. Notify the ATE Team

The ATE Team is a losely knitten team of contributors to CAcert who feel responsible for the whole ATE topic. To prevent collisions when more than one person intends to organise an ATE in some area and to keep track of the needed personel (see below), it is a good idea to send a notification to the ATE Team prior to organising an ATE.

You can notify the team by sending a freeform e-mail to Feel free to let the example below guide you when sending it:

Hi ATE team,

I would like to organise an Assurer Training Event in my area. These are the details:

    Date (roughly): <month/week/...>
    City:           <your city>
    Attendees:      <rough estimate>

<Any special notes>

Please let me know if there are any objections, maybe for cooperation with another community member who is already planning an ATE in this area.

<your name>

The ATE team will reply to your notification and provide you with anything they have on screen concerning your plans. We do not intend to prohibit the organisation of ATEs, we just want to make sure we can provide you with the help you need and that other members aren't demotivated because someone hijacks their plans ;).

The ATE Team will also ask CAcert's community e-mail admins to setup an e-mail alias that you can use for communication so both the ATE team and you can keep track of attendee registration, etc..

2. Create a wiki page

The Wiki is the main way for the community to keep up with the ATE progress. But the Wiki is also a place that tends to become kind of messy when the amount of information grows, so we ask you to use the templates provided by the ATE team to keep the ATE documentation clean.

Please visit the ATE Calendar for information on how to add all the details. You may also ask the ATE team for help if you are unsure.

3. Find a locaiton


4. Discuss possible dates


5. Pass everything to the ATE Team


6. Fix location and date


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