Advertisement - Monthly Auction on Logos - Logos For Sale - The Rules

  • sample on Testserver

  • "buy me" button

  • if the 'logo' is not booked, we should redirect this to a wiki page ... with the rules on it

  • and ... we should define, if the advertising logos should be displayed at non-login-state and/or even when logged in ...

  • i think the advertising logos should always be displayed, irrespective of login status

  • we should make sure the "logo" is a simple jpg, not an activeX or Java script (that needs to be checked with the software) to avoid some "clever" hacks

  • the way the bidding works

  • What is on there if no one bought the place (something like "your logo could have been here"), etc.

  • No logos on ... there are three exceptions: cats, blog and translingo ...

  • but the bidding-proposal should be discussed with more board-members

  • people should have time to bid for a place up until two weeks before the start of the month, and bidding is per month, so someone could propose an offer for the coming 12 months, but it would not be a guarantee, it could be that someone bids more next month

  • it should be at least 10 euro, like on comma/SpecialCampaigns/LogosForSale

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