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ThunderBird Advanced Configuration

In Thunderbird, for specifying Advanced Configuration settings, goto Tools > Options > Advanced > General > click on "Config Editor" button > a window "about:config" will open up. You can also reach there from Tools > Edit Config Files > select "about:config". This advanced config window shows "Preference name" and its "Status", "Type", "Value".

Enter more adv config para header here


Reply, include Date and Author

Open advanced config window. Goto following "Preference name" location : "mailnews.reply_header_type". Change value from 1 to 3.

Reply Header Type :
0 - No Reply-Text
1 - "[Author] wrote:" (default)
2 - "On [date] [author] wrote:"
3 - User-defined reply header. Also see below.

And also check, if the following preference(s) have these values set or not, if not, then specify these. Do not use the double quot symbols.

The end result will be values in the order of [authorwrote][separator][ondate][colon]

Reply, include Timezone

Reply header above the reply message, doesn't show the timezone. Displayed time is based on your computer's local timezone. For an accurate representation, include the timezone by manually adding your timezone, see below preference settings.

"mailnews.reply_header_ondate" : "On %s UTC-08:00"

Here "-08:00" stands for PST (Pacific Standard Time) which is used in USA, Canada's west coast areas, which is 8 Hours behind GMT/UTC (+00:00) time. Or use "On %s PST -08:00", or "On %s -08:00", or "On %s GMT-08:00". For Melbourne, Australia use "On %s UTC+10:00" or "On %s EST +10:00", or "On %s +10:00". For Berlin, Germany use "On %s UTC+02:00" or, "On %s CEST +02:00", or "On %s +02:00", etc.

Attachment Icon, make it small

When viewing a message, attached files are shown with fairly large icons. Which occupies much space. To make the attachment icons small, use the Config Editor to change the value "true" of the below preference...

"mailnews.attachments.display.largeView" : "false" (don't use quote symbol)

Display original Time and Date

Thunderbird normally converts the email's date and time to your computer's time zone. If your computer's time zone settings are wrong, then you will see the wrong time (and possibly the wrong date also). To turn this conversion off, use below preference settings. It affects the headers that you see in e-mails when you open or preview, but it does not affect the Date column in folders.

"mailnews.display.original_date" : "true" (do not use quote symbols)

Display Time Date based on Received Header

Thunderbird shows the time when the message was sent, according to the sender. It is possible to make Thunderbird show the time when the message arrived on your mail server, based on the "Received" header. Set the following preference. New messages will show the time the message was received, rather than when it was sent.

"mailnews.use_received_date" : "true" (do not use quote symbol)

Header Scroll Extension

Header area can display details information related to an email, where its originated, which server(s) was relaying to which server, how you've received or sent the email, etc. Its located under : Thunderbird > View > Headers > All.
When you view email Header information with "All" option instead of "Normal", then a Thunderbird bug can force the Header area to show too much details, and can even cause to hide email's message partially.
To fix this, either choose "Normal" again, or, install the "Header Scroll Extension" plugin (see below "Other Information" section) in Thunderbird, which allows you to reduce the height span size of the Header area, and also allows to have a scroll bar. After adding the plugin, if you find the problem still persisting, then choose Headers > "Normal" option, once, and then choose Headers > "All" option again, which will then show the reduced Header area with a scroll bar.

Other Information

../ThunderBird (Install CAcert Root Certificate, Install email client certificate)
Enigmail (GPG Signing)
Header Scroll Extension (Addon)
Cert Viewer Plus (Addon)
Display Mail User Agent (Addon)
Webmail (Use Yahoo, Hotmail, Lycos, Gmail, Mail, Libero, AOL in Thunderbird)
Sender Verification Anti-Phishing Extension (Addon) Protects from phishing attacks by verifying From: address domain name. Uses SPF (Sender Policy Framework) & DNS-based reputation lists.

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