Teus Hagen

My home is in the Netherlands, was born in 1945. Yes in my student time I was an activist, the time of the flower power cultural move. Yes now I am retiring after a life time of salaried work: first ca 10 years in academic research (computer systems, networking), few years joining a business with old friends doing Unix systems, more as ten years doing advantaged development and research with a printer and copying manufacturer (mainly on Unix and Linux systems) and the last ten years up to October this year on funding and community stimulation of network technology based projects in the Open Source world.

My non paid work started in 1975 with Unix user groups in Holland and a few years later on the European level (chairing for more as ten years the European Unix group organisation) and later chairing the NLnet foundation (network technology and internet mainly). Yes I was one of the founders of the dutch Unix group (NLUUG), European Unix user group (EUUG, later EURopen), EUnet (European Unix network, later internet in Europe) and NLnet (internet provider in the Netherlands, later Open Source network technology stimulation). As such I gained a lot of experience working with volunteers on an international level, and dealing with many cultures and ego's. One of those ego's is myself.

Working at NLnet I got in 2004 in contact with CAcert. From NLnet we tried to take away some of the financial barriers to enable the growth and development of the CAcert community and free certificate technology. Together with some persons, who did a major job in this, we started to get CAcert professionalized and to build a more stable organisation relying on the contributions of many volunteers.

CAcert: in 2004 I started to support CAcert. CAcert got very dedicated funding from NLnet foundation: assurer events bootstrap, meetings (board, top-meeting), audit project). When CAcert had trouble in end of 2006 a joined a small group to get CAcert up and running again. I joined the Management Sub-Cmtee and chaired it from early 2007. I joined the board in late 2007 and became president early 2008 due to resignition of the resident at that time. From early 2007 up to 2008 I spend full time (unpaid) work on CAcert. Or was it 150% of full time work?

You can reach me via email: teus at theunis dot org. Usually I respond within 8 hours and if not complain hard.

Reminder: if you google me, google gives more information about me as I am aware of myself.

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