How the TTP-Assisted-Assurance program works

The TTP assisted Assurance is a program of CAcert to establish assurances in areas where you do not find a CAcert assurer in a reasonable distance, to get more members in these areas.

You always should try to find a CAcert assurer before you use the TTP-Assurance. It might be possible to combine a business or vacation trip with the possibility to get assured at your trip destination. Or maybe an assurer does a trip into your area.

As CAcert is based on a Web of Trust (WoT) there is the need to establish this trust with a face to face meeting (F2F), normally with another CAcert member. If there is no CAcert member available, one part of the F2F meeting can be conducted by a Trusted Third Party (TTP) which is approved for your area.

Basically the process is the following.

If you want to get assured, you are a TTPUser. First you need to inform yourself about CAcert and also about the TTP process.

Then you need to fill out the first part of the TTPCAP form (Trusted Third Party CAcert Assurance Program) but you do not sign the form at this stage of the process.

With this TTPCAP form you meet with the TTP. The TTP checks your identity with at least one official government issued ID document with a photo. This check is recorded on the TTPCAP form. Then you have to sign in presence of the TTP a few statements on the TTPCAP form to make sure you know about the main aspects of CAcert. The TTP confirms that he witnessed your signing on the TTPCAP form. The TTPCAP form is now send via postal mail to CAcert.

After arrival of the TTPCAP form, a TTP Admin takes it, checks if all requirements for the next steps are fulfilled, especially checks if the TTP is duly authorised for your area. If the check is passed, the TTP Admin enters the assurance into the system and grants up to 35 points.

If you want to be able to get personalized certificates, you need to get at least two assurances of different persons. In the case of TTP Assurance you need to go to two different TTP.

The main aim of the TTP Assurance program is not only to provide people the chance to get personalized certificates but also to get new assurers. Therefore there is a further step available: the TTPTopup.

Normally the way to become a CAcert assurer is the following:

You need at least 3 assurances with a F2F meeting and you have to pass the CAcert Assurer Challenge. The assurer candidate sees in a normal assurance the steps how an assurance is conducted. This is not given in the case of TTP Assurances. There the TTPTopup steps in. A TTP Admin acts as a tutor for the process of a TTP user on becoming an assurer.

The TTP Admin trains the TTP user in one or more online sessions in the assurance process (educated assurance). The TTP Admin instructs the TTP user to start the CATS test.

If passed, this 3rd TTP-admin reviews the 2 previous TTP assurances and collects additional evidence about the Community part of the assurance process from within the online sessions with the TTP user and grants up to 35 TOPUP points, that qualifies the TTP user to become an assurer.

The whole TTP process to become a CAcert assurer is given here

There have to be 2 different TTPs and there also have to be 3 different TTP Admins in the process.

Is this program applicable to you?

If you have checked that the TTP program is available in you country and that there is no assurer near your location or no assurers near by respond, the TTP program is the one to take.


If you are familiar with the CCA and you can confirm the four statements in "What to consider", you should decide whether the program is applicable to you. If you feel unsure, please ask your questions either to our mailing list or ask them in the IRC #cacert. If you use the IRC, keep in mind that most of the users are located in Europe, so there might be problems with being in different time zones.

Are you living in a country where the TTP assisted Assurance program is applicable?

Have a look if there is a TTP program for your country in the list of approved TTP.

If your country is not listed here, please further check the Q&A section.

Checklist for the TTPprocess

  1. Get familiar with CAcert and read the CCA

  2. Create an account with CAcert
  3. Write an email to and ask to send you a TTP-CAP-Form

  4. Find a TTP and schedule a meeting
  5. Print the TTPCAP Form and the CCA
  6. Go to the meeting with the TTP
  7. The TTP sends the fully filled TTPCAP Form in an envelope prepared by the TTP user to the TTP Admin

What you should consider before contacting a TTP

Make sure you are familiar with the CCA

You know about and understand the part of risks, liabilities and obligations (R/L/O) stated in the CCA 2.1/2.2/2.3.

You know about and understand the part of internal arbitration as stated in CCA 3.1.

Within the TTP meeting you need to confirm the following statements:

So if there are questions here, ask these questions prior to your visit to the TTP, because a TTP probably cannot give answers as he is not involved into CAcert. His duty is only to confirm your identity and your statements towards the CAcert community. Please address our questions either to our mailing list or ask them in the IRC #cacert. If you use the IRC keep in mind that most of the users are located in Europe and there might be problems with being in different time zones.

Questions and Answers

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TTPs Approved List

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