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Archiving Email


The Threat of Legal Discovery is an emerging disaster in USA litigation, and is also spreading to other anglo countries. The basic model is to use the courts to force the delivery of all data on an issue, spread over many different events. Each event costs money (a full legal "act" might cost from $5k to $1m).


Normally, most people use their own emails because the use of business and private stuff is hard to separate. Most people keep and store their email on their laptops (which may then become subject of seizure orders for examination by opposition counsel).


Employing of CAcert email addresses and server for all official businesses allows escrow into a black hole (unreadable store). In the event of a discovery motion, an Arbitrator can compel the opening of the store and the delivery of the documents. See Threats of Legal Discovery for more.

Policy consideration is that as much business for CAcert as possible should go through CAcert email addresses. This means that all roles (or officers) should use the addressess.

Permission & Tracking

As CAcert is effectively then tracking the email of Members, there will need to be permission and clear information / notification as to what is being done. E.g., check this, the applicable laws, TELECOMMUNICATIONS (INTERCEPTION AND ACCESS) ACT 1979 cannot intercept email inbound until it has completed Ok checked - entirely not applicable (Daniel - 02 May 2009 - section 5(5) - telecommmunication system isn't in Australia)


Need an address to archive with bcc there on sending/receiving.

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