Software Testers Welcome Pack Gigi

currently testing only works sufficently with FireFox. In Chrome the layout is not working

The test system for the new software Gigi is found

To trust the test server accept the security exception. Afterwards click on the logo of the website and accept the new security exception aswell.

The test system does not send any mails to internet. If you need any mail e.g. the confirmation mail after creating an account it can be found in the test manager.

Test manager

The test manager is available via Gigi test server - Test Manager from the menu.


Create test users

If you need some accounts to test assurances you can create them with the batch assurance.

Enter an email pattern with YOUR_ENTRY NNN @ YOUR_DOMAIN where YOUR_Entry and YOUR_DOMAIN are entered by you. NNN is filled with numbers from 1 to the figure given at amount.

To create the accounts use "Create Users"

Grant privilleges

If you need special privilleges e.g. Support Engineer rights add the email address and select the privillege you need.

With "Grant Privillege" the right is granted with "Revoke Privillege" it is taken again.

Read mails

If you need to read emails for an account add the email address and use "Recieve Mails".

Add successful CATS test to an account

If you needed a passed CATS test for an account add the email address and use "Add CATS".

Add Assurance Points

If you need to get the account assured add the email address and use "Assure 100 Points" to get 100 Assurance Points added to the account.

Create test account

  1. Just register a new account on the test server. Please keep in mind that anybody is able to see the data on this test server so please do not enter any personal data.
  2. After you created a new account you need to confirm the account. The confirmation mail is found in the test manager.
  3. If you need special features for the account e.g. 100 Assurance Points and a passed CATS test you add with the test manager.

Additional information

As the system is still under development here is a list of what is already realised.

Input and thoughts