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3. Working with the Testserver and Testserver-Management-System

Hi prospective Software-Tester,

after you got a overview about the areas and tools that are important for the testing you will find on this page information about the cooperation between the test server and the test server management system.

On the starting page Software/CurrentTest you find therefore the following two links one for the test server and one for the test server managemnt system:

The test are done on the test server.

The login on the test server management system works only for accounts that have been created before on the test server. It does not matter wether the account has been confirmed or not.

During the different tests there are sometimes special settings needed e.g. to have a certain amount of assurances points, sepcial rights for the account.

Grant Assurance Points

The theory:
In the CAcert systems the Assuarance Points are entered following this process

While adding the Assurence Points the system checks, wether the account as already 100 Points. If not the new points are added on top of the existing ones until the limit of 100 points is reached. All popints above 100 are automatically cut off.

Thze same principle is used on the Expieren Points. 25 times Expierence Points (2 pt each) can be given (25 time 2 gives 50 Expierence Pints, which is the maximum). After that no more Expierence points are granted.

Assurances points can be given over two ways in the test environment:

  1. I assure an account with another account on the test server, as done in the normal way.
  2. I add "assurances" for an account on the test server management system.

So if there is an account with 100 points needed for a certain test case, what would have been done if we would do it like on the productiv server. You need 3 accounts with 150 Points each to assure the new account to 100 points (3 times 35 points per assurance -> 105, with the reduction to 100 points due to the limitation).

But in the beginning there is only one account with no points at all. How should I now get the assurances done? That is why the test server management system was implemented.

You login into the test server management system with the account that needs the 100 points. Go to Account Adminstration and add Assurance Points to that account (method b). see 2. Creating Accounts - C. 3.)

Another test case could be that you need to test the assurance process on the test server. In this case it does not make sense to add the Assurance Points with the method above by using the test server management system. In this case you need to have a few accounts that match the assurers preconditions (100 assurances points and passed Assurare Challenge (CATS) and hopefully some Expierence Points). On the test server you need to login with the various accounts to assure the targed account like in an "regular" assurance.

The test server management system is a tool to create some test scenerios while the test itself is done on the test server.

Other function where the test server management system is needed:

Do Assurer Challenge

The Assurer Challenge is a seperate application on the productive system that is not directly linked to the WebDB application. But the Assurer Challenge uses the same database as the WebDB. As the Assurer Challenge is not implemented on the test server the functionality to pass the CATS is done with the test server managemet system.

Login with the account that should pass the CATS on the test server managemet system. Go to Account Administration and add the "passed Assurer Challenge". see 2. Creating Accounts - C. 6.)

Add Experience Points

Similar to the granting of Assurances Points there are two ways to add Expierence Points to an account on the test environment. Either with a test account on the test server or with the test server managemet system.

In some test cases it is useful to do the assurance with the default test user. The default test accounts are

E.g. to doas set of 20 assurances use can assure the user,,, etc and you get every time 2 Expierence Points add to your test account until you reach the limit of 50 Expierence points.

In other case is quite interesting to have the 50 Expierence Points added in on go on test server managemet system. Login with the account that should get the Expierence Points on the test server managemet system and use "Administrative Increase" to add Expierence Points in 2 point steps.


The WebDB application is sending out a few emails to interacte with the user e.g. the verification mail for a new account.

As the whole test system is encapsulated theer is no way to interaction with the internet and no email will reach any test email addresses1. To access these emails, since they are needed for the functionality, the test system management system is used.

Login with the account that got an email on the test system management system. Go to "Mail" and click on the email needed. If you just registered a new account, use the mail address and password you used to register.

Advances Access Rights

As discribed in section 2 (Creting Accounts) each tester should have a Admin User in the meanwhile. With this admin user you can act as Support Engineer on the test server and use the admin console with the following advanced features:

With "Find User" (search for an email address of a user) and "Find Domain" (search for a domain of a user) you have access to that account to view and change that account.

E.g. the test scenario is "Do the test as Organisation Assurer" ther e are two was to create an Organisation Assurer account.

  1. create a new account for the test user
  2. Use the test server management system to give the test user the approbriate rights according to section 2. Creating Accounts

or there is already a test account that matches the preconditions for an Organisation Assurer, 100 Assurance Points, passed CATS and 50 Experience Points and only the O-Admin flag is missing

  1. Login on the test server with the admin account
  2. Search for the user account with "System Admin" - "Find User"
  3. check the Org-Admin flag

If you login on the test server with the Organisation Assurer account there is now the Organistaion Assurer menues available.

Test, test, test

Basically you should get yourself familiar with the different areas of the WebDB application.
For this just create a second admin user account and play with it.

Testteam Teamleader

What is next ?

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  1. Note that there is one exception, while registering the existence of the mail address is checked with the real mailserver. So you'll indeed have to use existing mail addresses, but are not limited to using your one ones. (1)

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