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2. Create needed Accounts for Software Testing

Hi software tester,

After you got the first information about CAcert software testing lets start with the work and the basic settings.

You will need at least two accounts for the testing.

  1. Account on test server
    1. This account is also used for the login onto the test server management system
  2. Account on the bug reporting system for reporting

It is useful to have minimum of two accounts on the test server. In some case you even will need more. It is advisable to have one account as "admin user" and a second account as "test user" which is used for the testing.

A. Step 1 – Creating account on test server

The account creation is similar to the one on the production server use the join form.

  1. Go to the test server

  2. With or without language change – choose from menu -> join – join

  3. Fill the form (keep in mind this is a test server! You are able to you any name you want)
  4. Any mail address on an existing domain should do as the test system will not sent any mail out into the internet but tries to locate the mail server.
  5. Fill in the "secret" questions and answers. Keep in mind that every tester will be able to view them.

    • Typical pattern q1, a1, q2, a2, q3, a3… as all questions and answers must be different.
  6. Send the form

As the "confirmation" mail is not sent to the internet, you will find it in the test server management system.

B. Step 2 – Verify the new account

Go to the test server management system (TMS):

  1. Login with the data you added before in step 1
    1. Email address as user mail
    2. Password as used in the sign in
  2. Use login
  3. In the top menu choose Mail on the right hand side
  4. You will find a list of all mails for that account
  5. In column "From" you click on the sender to open the mail
  6. The first mail should be the "[] Mail Probe" confirmation mail from the sender support@c.o

  7. Copy the link to your browser and hit it
  8. The test server is asking for the verification. Do it.

C. Step 3 - Configure Admin User

The new created and activated user is a fresh one with no assurance point and without any user rights. To push this user to admin stay on the TMS to grant points and other settings.

  1. Choose in the top menu "Manage Account"
  2. On the left side a second menu will be visible
  3. First we try to assign assurer points to the account
    1. Click "Automated Assurance"
    2. Enter "100" points in the field "Number of points"
    3. Leave all other settings as they are.
    4. Click "Assure Me"

these steps a currently not working

  1. Next let's try to give some experience points.
    1. Click "Administrative Increase"
    2. Enter "50" points in the field "Number of points"
    3. Leave all other settings as they are including the activated "Split into 2 Point Fragments".
    4. Click "Give Me Points"
  2. For some special cases we need to use the Administrated Increase as second time to push the points to 200. Please only do it for your "Admin user"
    1. Click "Administrative Increase"
    2. Enter "50" points in the field "Number of points"
    3. Deselect "Split into 2 Point Fragments
    4. Activate "Assign Points even if the Limit of 150 is exceeded"
    5. Leave all other settings as they are.
    6. Click "Give Me Points"
  1. To do assurances we need to pass the Assurer Challenge (CATS). Ok we set a flag.
    1. Click "Assurer Challenge"
    2. Leave all other settings as they are.
    3. Click "Challenge Me"

instead do the assurance manually with these accounts on the test server

Email xx = 00 to 89

DoB 19xx-01-01

  1. Last we add a few flag to administer other accounts
    1. Click "Set Flags"
    2. Support Engineer -> select

    3. Code Signing -> select (optional does not harm)

    4. Organisation Admin -> select

    5. TTP Admin -> select

    6. Board Member -> select

    7. Location Admin -> select

    8. Lock Account -> DO NOT select under any circumstances

    9. Block Assurer -> DO NOT select under any circumstances

    10. Click "Save

D. Step 4 - Check Admin User settings

Let's move back to the test server

  1. Go to the test server

  2. Login with your Admin-User (Password Login)
  3. Choose from Menu -> My Details - My Points

Total Points of 200 should be shown There are a few more menu entries that you probably have not seen yet.

Now we finished setting up the Admin user.

== Create User Account for testing ==

To create a "normal" test user redo the steps A, B and D but of course with different name and mail address. Step C is skipped. Obviously the result under D should be different according to your settings.

Create an account for

To get access to the bug reports you need an account on the bugs report system.

Go to the bugs report system

To get an account for the bug tracking system send an email to software at with your desired nickname, email address and optionally an real name. You'll receive a mail from the bug tracking system to activate your account once one of the admins processes your request.

Other Accounts?

Basically you have now everything you need to start. May be you need a few more accounts for some tests on the test server. Therefore follow the step A to D as described.


Testteam Teamleader

What is next ?

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