Software Current Tests - Bug 841 (Cert Login Problem)

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Testserver 1:

Instructions and Sample Test Matrix for Software Testers


The Cert Login Bug revealed a problem, that is not a real issue in the production environment, but may become one day.

The problem relates to client cert to account mapping.

To reproduce the problem or to test if the problem is fixed, the software tester has to create as many client certs with as many usernames (different test accounts) with different issuer (issued thru class1 and/or issued from class3)

If you check your client certs you should have a couple of test certs created:


  1. Create different user accounts
  2. assure useraccount at least with 50 assurance points (to issue class3 certs)
  3. for each user account create at least one class1 and one class3 cert with login enabled
  4. cert login to account, check if cert an account matches (compare name, email, serno)
    • Root / Class 1 currently starts at 10:59
    • Class 3 currently starts at 10:58


Report your results under:

of each step you walk thru

Additional Tests

Find other places for client cert -> account matching and test it

Happy testing

Certs prepared

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