CAcert Testserver Management System


To assist software testers in building test environments the Software-Assessment project came to the conclusion, that testers needs an administrative console, so they can build up their testing environment

Using the TestManager you can currently:

Operating system was set up by Wytze according to the current live web db machine. Source code comes from an repository, which holds a copy of the source code taken from the tarball. It is intended to continuously import every new tarball into the repository to enable developers to work more conveniently. The whole process of development, testing and release is WIP and will be posted shortly.

Instructions for the beginning

  1. To connect to the Testserver Mgmt System, you first need to create an account under link 1. like under the CAcert main website.

  2. With the account created under 1. you're now able to login into the Testserver Mgmt System console under

  3. First check for Mail and open the mail from "Support" (From field is clickable to open and display the msg) with the subject "[] Mail Probe" to verify your created account

  4. once your account is verified, you can work with the testserver and the testserver mgmt system.
  5. Before you can start testing, you have to set your environment for testing patches (see below Menu System)

    • to be able to assure someone (here you need assurance points, assurer challenge passed flag set, and so on)
    • to be able to act as Support Engineer (here you need to set the addtl. flag Admin)
  6. reconnect to link 1. and start testing

See also Software/TestTeam/WelcomePack/03-WorkingWithTestserverAndMgmtSystem. Covers the same topics, by another author.

More detailed description of the Menu System

Top Right

Technical Details and Setup

The Testserver Management System is created with the It directly accesses the testserver database for most of its features, including user authentication.


The software of the TestManager is archived in the repositories cacert-testmgr on GitHub, and cacert-mgr on

ca_mgr database

The TestManager runs its own database, which consists of the following tables:

A "basic" database is created by the script dbadm/ca_mgr.mysql from the repository. Of course the system_config records have to be adjusted to the system environment.

Access parameters to this database are stored in manager/application/configs/applöication.ini (this is a softlink to

Proposed Structure / Sitemap of Testserver Mgmt System

I assume that this paragraph contains discussions about what should be possible with the TestManager. I'll keep this for historic reference, but assume that this is not considered to be a specification or a manual. Maybe you'll get some ideas on what to develop next... Bernhard Fröhlich

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