Minutes of the MiniTOP on the 2012-07-03


The MiniTOP will be held via telco 22:00 CEST

Attendees: Marcus, Michael, Uli, Benny, dirk; Marek + David via irc#sap


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Action items from last meeting Meeting Action Items


Development, Deployment, Discussion

  • OAO, Ted

    bug #943 change OA admin/assurer text

    needs 2nd test -> Fabian, Marc, Alex? {g} / needs 2nd review -> Ted, rejected


    uli, Ted

    bug #824 Org User cert fix Case study

    Organisation User Certificates: Need UI improvement for proper production usage


    uli, ted

    bug #823 email address removal fix

    No warning when removing e-mail address from account that certificates will be revoked
    checked by 4, needs 2nd review, deploy



    bug #920 Join - single name only (eg Indonesian)

    details under bug number



    bug #859 admin console interface

    feature request: show activity on an account in the admin interface
    rejected, certs login doesn't modify "modified" field



    bug #540

    p20111113 CPS #7.1.2 "Certificate Extensions" adjustments - testing
    uli, marcus: needs full cert create tests
    duplicate report to bug#978
    tested by 3, 2nd review done, transfered
    Ken reported: still has problems, bug kept open


    gagern, NEO

    bug #440 Problem with subjectAltName (CSR, renew certs)

    There seems to be a problem with the subjectAltName. Dupes, missing entries, and more, rejected, needs further development



    bug #1025 Domain Dispute issue

    disputes rc and rc2 var prob
    needs work



    bug #1054 0001054: Review the code regarding the new point calculation

    Thawte patch part II
    needs further work


Software Assessors: Review 1 / add to cacert-devel, add to testserver

  • Software-Assessors task


  • Testers task


    bug #1004 Stats page improvement

    tested by 2, needs 2nd review



    Bugs #1159 it might be possible to execute commands on the signing server



    bug #1065 Wrong wording when sending mails during the assurance process



    bug #1162 calcutate (the passwords) hash in php instead of in mysql

    create test scenarios for the software testers /!\
    Full testing /!\



    bug #0028 Wrong language for you've been assured & [CAcert.org] Client Certificate emails



    bug #988 TTP cap form deployment


Software Assessors: 2nd Review, Bundle Package to Critical Team

  • Software-Assessors task


    bug #500 Get contact mail adress after resolving test

    tested by 3, requires review



    bug #1140 Show if a test is passed in learnprogress

    tested by 3, requires review



    bug #1131 Rename _all_ Policies from .php to .html and fix all links

    global policy directory maintenance and update



    bug #1010 Reorder the view on organisation certificates

    tested by 3


Software Assessors: Bundle Package to Critical Team

  • Software-Assessors task


    bug #1139 Add new fields to the database

    tests through #500 and #1140, 2nd review done, requires transfer


Awaiting Response from Critical Team

  • inopiae

    bug #411 Wrong text is made into link



1. Preface

  1. Cebit brainstorming
    • dirk: request for events report
    • (2012-03-27) Marcus awaiting translation from Marc
    • (2012-06-19) Marcus: translation received, will send within the next upcoming days
    • (2012-06-26) Marcus: not yet finished

2. Permissions Review

  1. dispute cases
    • new bug: bug #1038 Provide a script for board/tverify reset flags by arbitration a20110118.1

    • re bug #1003 Permissions review script, to incorporate new intermediate ruling

  2. Permissions review and revoke of board and tverify flag (bug #1003 and bug #1038)

    • Michael run the permission preview script. After finding some formating stuff and fixing it, the script was run a second time.
    • Afterwards Michael run the script revoke of board and tverify flag. The executing report was added as private to bug #1003

    • All tester please review your flags and mails on the test server and report ONLY in bug #1003.

  3. fix available, tested, next run close before
    • last run: 2012-03-30, next run 2012-06-30
    • to dirk: 2nd review bug#1003

    • dirk: review looks ok
    • has been tested on testserver, on local testserver by Michael
    • good to go
    • part 1: recuring script, ok
    • part 2: permission reset, notification of users missing, fixed, tested, awaiting 2nd review again
  4. 2nd review done by Ted
  5. new permission review script incorporated, board, tverify reset script executed by critical team
  6. problem with ttpadmin flag removal, needs new board motion or workaround with old board motions m20090912.1 and finaly m20090914.2

    1. new intermediate ruling in arbitration case
    2. uli in role as AO prepares ttpadmin members list, sends to OAO
    3. OAO confirms and sends to list to support
    4. Support executes the request
  7. ttpadmin reset started under arbitration, next permissions review schedule executed

3. 2nd review of about 6 patches

4. bug #1023 Testing (6.php)

  1. Thawte points removal, final step
    • last patch transfered to production system 2012-05-30
  2. what are the next steps for thawte points revoke?
    • points settings codes eg 50 pts open gpg/pgp, which certs avail by how many pts
    • 15.php needs rename to 10.php
    • cannot move forward without dirk

5. Marcus Bugs list

6. Benny reviews

  1. bug #1025 "Domain Dispute strange behaviour / Domain Dispute issue", checked

    • wrong description, problem removing domains, bugfix solves this problem
    • async removal of certs by signer
    • needs review and testing
    • inopiae will try testing on upcoming weekend
    • to test: email- and domain dispute
  2. bug #922 "CAcert application code problem causing missing 'certificate about to expire' messages", checked

    • patch seems to be ok
    • white spaces cleanup
    • includes/account.php var $id shall be fixed within recursion, new bug #1078

    • 2 tests initiated by inopiae and u60
    • principle ok, but very confusing
  3. bug #1019 "Contact form does not work when logged in"

    • Michael: rework contact form
      • usability: 1 form, option box with public/support delivery, default support
      • current form 1: public, form 2: private
      • spam prevention via java, on disabled java the mail is marked [possible spam]
    • mass mailing possible if adding multiple emails separated by commas
    • account.php - email address from sender, no address validation, several other places it passes address validation
    • neo: why not use primary email address?
      • works only if logged-in
    • index?id=11 has also been changed
    • url was hardcoded
    • account.php?id=14
    • sendmail() routine in includes/mysql.php

7. New SA candidates

  1. ABC Benny - possible Itzehoe (2012-09-14), mrmcd (2012-09-08) or other events before
    • 2012-08-10 - 2012-08-11 BarCamp kiel

8. next meeting


  1. bug#922 certs expires notification
    • discussions, Marcus got 71 or 72 notifications
    • default 5 notifications: 45d, 30d, 15d, 3d, 1d
  2. Benny didn't had the time for vista (blackjack) problem review
  3. api project, Karsten continues with portal project if vendor-api will be delivered
    • potential candidates for development
      1. Marek's sql class proposal
        • needs probably db upgrades
        • needs addtl. indices
        • needs testing
      2. archaios
        • builds daemon as unpreviliged user
    • vendor-api delayed
      • no coders
      • other projects
      • related to sql class project
  4. dirk reviews
    • don't know
    • review of bug #967
  5. Permissions Review
    • ttpadmin's removed
    • permissions review passed
    • board + tverify flags empty
  6. Marcus Bugs list
  7. Benny reviews
    • no new one, no updates
  8. New SA candidates
    • ABC Benny - needs a dispute filing first -> NEO

    • Whats with ABC over archaios?
  9. new ip available for 2nd testserver
    • needs 3 ip's, at least 2 ip's
    • www, secure, tms
  10. Marek's sql class project:
    • is working on charset replacement
  11. working session, dirk 2nd review: bug #967 OA isassurer check

    • git diff origin/release...origin/bug-XXX
    • review done by dirk, is ok
  12. next meeting
    • Tuesday, July 10, 2012 22:00 CEST

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